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    • lizzyalvarez
      • hello Lizzy Alvarez
      • Username: lizzyalvarez
      • In response to: "What do you do on the side?" I play soccer and write like a crazy person. Two hobbies I will never give up.
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    • The unpopular choice
      • Whenever it comes to doing homework or screwing around on the internet I would much rather play on tumblr than solving math problems. 8 times out 0f 10 I choose the unpopular choice and do my homework. Its always a tough decision though.

      • answered by lizzyalvarez on 02/11/2013
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    • Who do you spend the most time with?
      • I would most defiantly like to spend the most time with David Foster Wallace because he is a incredible writer. Coach Lacasse to help keep me in shape and challenge my mind. Carol because she is an amazing woman and easy to talk too. House md because he is such an asshole and very witty. Olivia Benson because she is super sweet and wicked badass.

      • answered by lizzyalvarez on 02/10/2013
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