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    • markbrenlin
      • hello Mark Brenlin
      • Username: markbrenlin
      • In response to: "Who are you?" I'm the guy that hides in the shadows, thinking of a hundred different ways to scare people.
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    • Playtime
      • My playtime today was spent on the trampoline. And an excellent exercise it was. I felt pretty good jumping and bouncing around, rolling and falling. I was thinking... Well Geez, why didn't I think of this sooner, such a fun way to burn calories. Now I know why. I am extremely fatigued, with much soreness! Many regrets are sure to follow in the morning, but a it was a lesson well learned. Soon I will be hitting the gym, and I will have many, many after mornings with regret. I'd better spend more time on the trampoline before hand, to get warmed up.

      • answered by markbrenlin on 12/18/2013
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    • I think...Therefore I am!
      • Well, my greatest exercised talent so far is my chosen profession...Truck Driver. Though I felt like a million bucks a couple of days ago when I had my rig stuck in a farmers field. Yes I was delivering to him, and yes he used a heavy duty tractor to pull me in and out. He failed to tell me that the land was previously swampy, and still remained poor despite having a thick cover of grass and brambles. It is days like those that I wish I was a fiction novelist. Driving a truck is fun and exciting, but I know my greatest talent lies in literature. If only I could quiet my mind enough, and focus thoroughly when writing, I might have a novel written by now. Strangely, most of my writing ideas come and go when I'm driving. Perhaps I need one of those digital recorders in the truck. Or I could install a driving simulator on the computer! But then I would loose a vast resource of ideas. I-20 is more than a highway... It's a devil's racetrack, and I'm the rabbit.

      • answered by markbrenlin on 12/06/2013
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    • Mentor
      • I do not have a mentor myself, as such. Rather I have positive influences, perhaps teachings that help me guide my way. My biggest influence would be the teachings of Dhammapada, as I progress in philosophical and personal growth. I wish I had a mentor in this area, but surely my stubbornness would drive many potential candidates away! The other large influence in my life, is Mr Stephen King. He is my inspiration to write. But not only to pound away at the keyboard, but to also lose myself in fiction. I have found reading to be an excellent way to disconnect from the daily stresses. And a Stephen King novel does that perfectly for me. The more books I read, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I write. Etc, etc, etc... I guess in a way, I'm my own mentor, though it's more like a drill sergeant/PVT relationship. I can be really hard on myself. That is what I use the Dhammapada for.

      • answered by markbrenlin on 11/21/2013
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    • Google to the Doom!
      • I've performed many internet searches over the past several days, in hopes of starting my Christmas shopping, however, some items have been crossed off my list already. Tablet computers, for example, are much cheaper this year. The low quality ones that is. The child sized tablets are still rather expensive, especially for something that will get lost or broken. The dilemma: buy an inexpensive version, the special kid version, or buy something else entirely? Whatever happened to the pony, basketball hoop, and other out of doors type of Christmas requests? Now days, the kids would rather watch others playing outdoors on their electronic devices than partake themselves. I think I should buy them some gray sweats, and spray paint "GOODYEAR" on them. If they want to sit on their chums all day, then billboards they should be. Otherwise...Get those legs moving. Now Google, find me a football, basketball, and a whistle. Time to put the fear of God back into the kids.

      • answered by markbrenlin on 11/20/2013
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    • Cure for Gout
      • If I could create one single cure, it would be for the gout (without a doubt!) For anyone who is plagued with these disease can tell you, the effects are morbidly crippling during a flare up. Usually gout affects the big toe, but can be found throughout the body. I currently have it in my ankle. I say currently because it started in my big toe, then spread to my ankle. From there it can go anywhere. I can assure you that gout in the ankle feels like a hundred times worse than the big toe. I can walk through a sprained ankle and big toe gout. But when it hits that ankle, I'm lucky if I can crawl. The slightest movement, no matter how slight, is excruciating. I've spoken with wounded veterans who've told me that gout hurts worse than being shot. I believe it. Thankfully, we have medication to control the flareups, but they are not perfect, and can damage the liver over time. I know that studies have been done, and have found a link between gout and other ailments such as stroke and heart disease just to name two. Trust me, gout isn't just an "old man's" disease. Many of us young people are plagued with this ailment. Finding a cure or vaccine for this disease will greatly improve the lives of those currently afflicted, and for those yet be burdened.

      • answered by markbrenlin on 11/17/2013
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