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      • hello Mary Beaudin
      • Username: mbeau55
      • In response to: "What's the one thing you're never gonna give up?" I will never give up being a Red Sox fan. I have wonderful memories as a child, right up through adulthood.
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    • Investors bring catalyst
      • Investors bring catalyst-
        Today investors brought a catalyst and it somehow involved a whip and a steel rod and electricity. Markets were up sharply as a result.
        (I think people need to follow directions.)

      • answered by mbeau55 on 11/29/2012
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    • I'm a Mac
      • Macs are classy, sleek and never get sick. I am classy, sleek and never get sick. Also when you throw things away on a mac, they don't co…

      • answered by mbeau55 on 11/19/2009
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    • Untitled draft
      • My next scene begins at sunrise on a mountaintop.

      • answered by mbeau55 on 04/15/2009
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