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      • hello Margarita Chavez
      • Username: mchavez905
      • In response to: "What's the one thing you're never gonna give up?" My devotion to Christ.
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    • Out of your reach
      • I wanted a bike when I was about 12 or 13 years old, and I did not get it.
        I managed to get by without it. Later on when I lived in Japan, I got to have a bike and ride on it to my heart's content. I even got to ride my then 8-year old son in the back of the bike.

      • answered by mchavez905 on 07/17/2014
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    • What's your learning style?
      • I prefer learning is the traditional lecture mode. I do not necessarily like group work because there often is one person that wishes to dominate the group.
        One-on-one might work if the person is approachable and not overbearing.
        I retain information best by reading and visuals.

      • answered by mchavez905 on 01/11/2014
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    • Conflicted
      • I am a rolly polly when it comes to being in the middle of a terrible argument. I will either withdraw or remove myself from the situation. I am easily startled by loud noise and do not like to witness anger. Sometimes walking away can be a brave step, I have learned.

      • answered by mchavez905 on 11/17/2013
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    • To be able to NOT fall into brooding
      • I will often unknowingly fall into brooding and become sad about painful moments from my past. This DOES play a positive role in my life now by reminding me to go easy on myself AND on others. Let go and love.

      • answered by mchavez905 on 11/10/2013
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    • Party animals?
      • After socializing, I just want to go home to regain a sense of calmness.
        I am a natural-born introvert. I just began reading "Quiet," by Susan Cain
        and it is helping me tremendously to "know myself" and understand why I have often felt like a misfit in many extrovert situations.

      • answered by mchavez905 on 08/03/2013
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