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      • Pit Bullls: Dangerous Dogs

        Pit Bull Hiking - Fraulein ID# A331920

        A pit bull down the street from my house recently attacked my miniature white poodle. Willie, my poodle, and I had just walked outside of our house and crossed the street. All of a sudden a big gray pit bull jumped on top of Willie and grabbed him around the throat and started thrashing back and forth. I started screaming, "Help! Help! Somebody help me." I must have stunned the pit bull because he looked up and Willie took that oppportunity to slip out from under him and run toward our house. I quickly followed and we escaped into our house.

        Willie had to spend the night at the vet's but he was ok. He came home with tubes coming out of his neck and recovered a few days later. My husband and I took the vet bill down to Mr. PIt Bull, the owner of the dog, fully expecting him to pay the bill, since his dog caused the damage. Mr. Pit Bull did not pay the bill and sent us a letter saying that our dog Willie must have attacked Harriett, the pit bull! We were stunned. Weeks went by and we finally decided to file a claim in Small Claims court to get reimbursed for the vet bill. We called Animal Control and they came out and took a report.

        Last week another dog in the neighborhood was attacked by the same pit bull. Animal Control came out and took the dog away, saying that was the third call made about this animal attacking another dog. In that case, they have to put the dog down. And that's what happened. I wish Mr. Pit Bull had taken steps to keep his dog locked up, so that he could not hurt anyone or anything and consequently not lose his life. It's all very sad.

      • answered by p2thomas on 11/18/2012
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