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    • Divide it amongst myselves.
      • That is an interesting concept because I am caught between two worlds at that point. There is the world where I have kids. I hang out with them, watch them grow and enjoy that time. But then there is my productive life before kids where I could get all my errands done in one day instead of four. If I could just clone myself and switch off day after day. One of me with the kids and one of me running errands. I could get so much more done and still have a good time. I could keep one of me home to watch the kids and my wife and the other me could go on a date. I(We) would be an even more amazing husband.

      • answered by paulmalenke on 12/19/2012
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    • What is the best of modern human culture?
      • I guess the real question is really what is the best of modern human culture? We make advancements in mathematics, science and other academia. It feels like we continue to become a more peaceful planet overall. In reality we all still suffer, we are not at completely peace. This sounds very depressing but what really is the best of modern human culture? People starve, wars rage, schoolchildren are murdered. I find it hard at this time to really think about what that record would contain. It may be that it was hard for some when the Voyager spacecrafts originally launched.

        I originally had different ideas about what I was going to write but somehow ended up here.

      • answered by paulmalenke on 12/17/2012
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