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      • hello Leonie Hall
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      • In response to: "Who are you?" At times a nameless entity existing in an undefined space.
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      • Hi Reader!

        Welcome to a spliced life, a fractal view of the world. Friends say I'm chaotic and unfocussed, I say I'm a cross pollinator never meant to have one focus with perhaps a few quirky hobbies. I'm an information addict and lustful learner, if I haven't explored and learnt something new in a day, well I feel depressed and stale.

        My first blog, an enduring chaos of personal and professional experiences is titled Learning, Earning and Living in South Africa. I often think the general assumption amongst leaders is that only basic needs are urgent and that inspiring people to be visionary life activists is unnecessary. I try to make information available to people who feel that they have no support system and have dreams to aspire to.

        The second, innovation IQ, is slightly more focused with content that unpacks innovation in a practical manner. I love ideas, new technology and break throughs in a range of fields - including leisure psychology, international business and science.

        My newest blog, only a week old, targets people who thrive on making a positive difference in the world. I post research papers that add value to NGO's in my blog roll and cover a range of issues in posts.

        Three blogs - three different fields of interest...I'm a project nomad.

      • answered by projectnomad on 11/12/2012
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