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      • hello Joe Busch
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      • In response to: "What is the one thing you consistently spill on yourself?" my seventh glass of wine.
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    • How it should have ended
      • Two houses, both alike in dignity, in fair Forks Washington, where we lay our scene.
        Twilight was set up to be an awesome young love tragedy. If it had ended with Bella dead, Edward dead. Alice Cullen dead, the family devided, the wolf boy (County Paris) jilted at the alter, and both houses broken, childless and alone.

      • answered by residentmusician on 12/16/2012
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    • Use only 25 letters
      • I don't believe we need the letter c. In Russian they have a letter for the ch sound, and everything else they just use the letters that properly make that sound. Aktually, I am not finding it at all hard to write a blog post without that silly letter. I kan even say words that you would not expekt. Shedar sheese, bekomes a little hard, unless we are allowed to use a spesifik letter for that one sound, that is a phenome that deserves its own letter. Go to teurtsh on Sunday?

      • answered by residentmusician on 12/16/2012
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    • I Hope I Never Lose...
      • The burning desire to travel and try new things. I don't know why, but I actually become depressed and upset if I don't go new places and see new things sometimes.

      • answered by residentmusician on 01/15/2011
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    • The Movie That Moved Me
      • Best movie ever.

        I liked this movie so much because I feel the main character goes through goes through things that I can empathize with. You see, the main character is a clever and poor young guy who calls himself a writer but never writes much of anything. He is poor and he ends up moving from house to house and living in shared houses. The people he meets in these places are some times crazy, and some times stupid, and some times so wholly unlike himself that he can not connect to them in any way, but not all of them. He makes connections with people at one house and is forced to move on, he feels the strangeness of an old friend walking into a new life. Mostly its a movie about a guy who moves a lot, and all the people he lives with, but it is a fantastic relationship dialog, and if anyone has ever shared a flat with people they did not really know, than they will identify with the main guy. Just trying to make friends stay happy, and pay the rent.

      • answered by residentmusician on 08/02/2010
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