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      • In response to: "What do you do on the side?" i'm never on the side. what do you mean? i'm always right here, where-ever I am. I suppose I could imagine being on the side, but I don't think I could do anything there because I would be here.
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    • Food for the soul (and the stomach)
      • There's a few, and each reminds me of someone I'm fond of, and since I won't choose a person as a favorite, I will choose one as an example. That's the way love is, no favorites. I could easily pick oatmeal with stewed fruits, cinnamon, a pinch of sea salt, sprinkled with toasted walnuts because it reminds me of my mom and me celtic roots. I like a porterhouse steak, with baked potato and cesar salad because it reminds me of my dad, summer family dinners, and it's somehow refreshing (could be the heme iron, but I digress). For the moment, baked salmon or sablefish, with sides of tender fragrant brown rice and lightly steamed greens with a splash of tamari, that's one my spouse and I love. Then there's slow cooked sweet and savoury stews. Or a ham and swiss on white shared with, well, anyone, maybe someone down on their luck. Make the meal and the moment simple and good for the soul. It's a new day.

      • answered by rvandoren on 11/26/2013
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    • tis late, the day's work done, another master calls, to slumber
      • Laziness, apathy, or indecision. I don't know, could be indecision. Sometimes my attention is scattered. That could be a lack of fire, under the seat. Humour, or poor taste. Haziness, not agape, in derision. Who wants to waste their time, idling, inertia. Sloth is a good word, despite its name, it works hard, as a word. It has integrity, and an historical duty, or charge (as in something to be responsible for). Let me be focused for a moment. How do I really want to be in this life, this singular, short life? What aspect of me is holding me back, or hindering me? Isn't being vague a horrible quality? Not quite present, not clear, nor vibrant? Ugh! Poor wilting flower! Where is your gardener?! A dream, a whim, a lulling to sleep, lovely they be, and their place is set, for those who choose to hold the reins of their imagination and actions in their own hands. Take back the reins! Survey be done! Write!! Don't wander! Dear reader

      • answered by rvandoren on 08/17/2013
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    • no analysis for me this morning, I prefer the apple fresh, untainted, heroic in its purity
      • Wow. The hero of the day? Teddy (the old puppy) made it up the stairs to go outside before breakfast, it's a beautiful day, so I'm needlessly envious, as I could have followed her to fill my nose and lungs and ears with sweet dew-laden air and novel melodies of precocious fledglings. Tomorrow. As for me, I came in second by sweeping and washing the floor before breakfast. Mmm, clean floor to start the day. The sunrise was merely gorgeous, taunting my feeble senses with promises of a dream that I, in feeble faith, cling to,like vine upon vine, filling grapes with dew and golden sun, my hero

      • answered by rvandoren on 08/14/2013
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    • Drawing a blank
      • I let a lot of that stuff go, or I try to make peace. Recently, I was leaving room for another driver to get into cue, to pay to exit parking. The driver behind me honked, twice. The other driver stayed put, the gap before me widened. Another honk from behind. I had invested a little in this and was disappointed that not only was the offer rejected, but I was herded/goaded to carry on, pronto! I wasn't dwelling on it, I reacted with anger by looking into the review mirror and yelling at the driver behind me. Quite useless, a waste of time and energy. My adrenaline and cortisol rose, with no significant outlet. I had moved forward and paid before I remembered my promise to myself when I got in the car earlier: to keep calm, to keep my sense of humour (zense of humour?). Losing calm so quickly told me that I wasn't mindful. The perfect comeback is coming back to mindfulness: return to the true self, not to the ego. Peace be with us all. Let peace be the wood that fuels creativity and a heart-centered life.

      • answered by rvandoren on 08/05/2013
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    • Singin' in the rain ... and yes they do get caught in the rain,
      • Calgary, late June, 2013, The Flood of '13. spike in number of babies born expected in 9 months. but i degress, not egress, we were fortunate not to have to egress. Egress is fairly new to my vocabulary (about 6th year), haven't had to use it in the subjective yet, but I repeat myself. My perfect, rainy afternoon is curled up with a good book, in a warm sweater, with a favorite hot drink. maybe a little pen to paper. quiet time. listening, that's what the pitter-patter is from, not for, from. from listening. sometimes like a drum roll, when it gets a bit heavier, and waiting, waiting, not quite on edge, but ready for that brilliant flash and the thunder. How long will it take to follow the flash? how far? how close? and where was I? The Orchard by Stepakoff, apples, the scent of a memory tickling apple, and finding a lovely character.

      • answered by rvandoren on 06/23/2013
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