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      • hello Saiyan Secret
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      • In response to: "What's the one thing you're never gonna give up?" Writing - DBZ yaoi right now (NSFW).
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    • Internet: I am da boss! :D
      • Yes, I would accept. I would definitely ban all forms of internet censorship and spying because I feel strongly about this issue. The only controls I would impose are going after terrorists, pedophiles/rapists, but only if there was a [real reason] to suspect an individual of wrongdoing.
        I think it is the responsability of individual websites to make sure no one is disrespectful. Of course, illegal material like pedophelia or online grenade sales are not acceptable, because they fall under general law infringement. There are no trademark violations going on if the person is not making profit from copyrighted material or plagiarizing.
        As for minors, it is parents' responsability to set parental controls and supervise their offspring online to make sure they do not visit sites inappropriate for their age.
        Everything under the definition of free speech applies to the internet as well, and I stand firmly on that.

      • answered by saiyansecret on 10/24/2013
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    • Junk in one's life.
      • That's an excellent question because it applies perfectly now. A creative help audio I have uses the allusion of a storm having taken place, leaving twigs and debris in a stream that should flow smoothly. The debris is distractions, stress, negative people, mental blah-blah, etc., and that one must imagine clearing away the 'twigs' from the stream. That's pretty much what I should do now.~

      • answered by saiyansecret on 10/19/2013
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    • Harmless fiction or lies?
      • I believe parents should explain that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc. do not really exist, that they are legends we have fun with to celebrate certain holidays and events. That way they're telling them the truth not lies, while still allowing them to have fun.

      • answered by saiyansecret on 03/21/2013
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