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    • You can't handle the truth!
      • Simply put, I hate when people ask me personal stuff. Deep down, I love when someone shows interest, but I have a huge problem: I always have the urge to completely open my heart when people make me questions!

        That's probably the worse thing you can do for yourself, to open up. Now don't take me wrong, I don't think evryone should just shut themselves and never share their feelings. Quite the opposite, frankly - people who never share and the worse to live with, in my opinion.

        But we should, at some point in our lives, to learn whom to share feelings and opinions with. For some reason, I learned to trust everyone. There's nothing more dangerous than trusting everyone!

        Not everyone is making you questions because they homestly care. Some will use the information you shared with them to harm you or someone else.

        So don't ask me anything personal. I'll struggle inside to quickly decide if you deserve my trust or not, and then will most likely regret telling you something. And you also take the risk of hearing something YOU won't like - because speaking my head out also means I'll tell you what I really think about things. And you might not like it after all.

      • answered by samantams on 01/13/2013
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    • Someone to admire
      • I admire many people. My mom is a great example, my husband has attitudes I really wish I could learn (especially at work), and many famous leaders, of course.
        What makes me admire someone?
        I guess anyone who has a high spirit, classic values like character strength, honor, respect for others. But also people with a vast knowledge, culture, appreciation for education, arts, philosophy.
        In the end, whom I admire is not as important as how much I am closer to this ideal myself.
        Being someone I myself can admire is what really matters.

      • answered by samantams on 01/12/2013
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    • An Orange Door
      • Well, I have memories of some nasty nightmares.

        If we are talking about last night's, I have to say that behind the door I find a bad dream based on A Clockwork Orange - I can clearly remember those eyes and evil atmosphere when the thing looked at me.

        The most interesting is that I have NEVER watched that movie. Or read the book. And don't intend to.

        Specially now!

        Good grief.

      • answered by samantams on 01/11/2013
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    • Way back machine
      • My earliest memory - I think - is of my mom reading me a book before I slept. It seems to me that's the earliest I have. My sister wasn't born yet, so that's before I was 5. I remember being in bed and SO happy she agreed to read me a story! She was sitting at a stool from the kitchen (look how much work I gave her, to bring that from the other side of the apartment!) and not very pleased to be reading to me. It didn't matter, though. I was freaking happy. And, of course, it probably just took her a minute before I fell asleep. So people - when your kid asks you to read something for him or her, just do it. That's a lovely memory. :)

      • answered by samantams on 01/10/2013
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