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    • samgieta
      • hello Angel Ta
      • Username: samgieta
      • In response to: "What's the one thing you're never gonna give up?" I'll never give up on my dad.
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    • Beautiful Music
      • I have an eclectic musical taste. I like music from all kinds of genres as I'm sure most people do.

        When I think about music being beautiful, I think of listening to classical music. Opera. Maybe even country. Not heavy metal or the likes. All I ever think about when that's playing is all the hurtful things I've ever been through and what I'd like to do to the people who've ever wronged me.

        But a beautiful piece of music?

        I immerse myself into the peacefulness and calmness of it. I think of all the positive things that's ever happened in life. Not just in mine, but in everyone's, past and present. What it was like when this piece was created. What the artist was going through at the time. How they were inspired to produce such beauty.

        I'm more thoughtful. Full of wonder. Full of positiveness.

        And then it's over.

        I go back to being a bitch.

      • answered by samgieta on 11/11/2013
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    • Fish out of water
      • U.S. Embassy! Lol.. Kidding. I'd more than likely talk to a few people, see if they speak English, ask them to use their phone or computer to contact my family, and then be on my way.

      • answered by samgieta on 02/18/2013
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