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    • shantanush
      • hello Shantanu Sharma
      • Username: shantanush
      • In response to: "What's the one thing you're never gonna give up?" Being Happy!
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    • End-of-Year Goal
      • Yes...I should be able to sell off a property I is important for other goals in like!!

      • answered by shantanush on 11/04/2012
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    • The Earthy Smell
      • My Favourite smell is that which is produces when water is sprinkled on a dry land. In Hindi it is called the "Sondhi Khusboo" - literally meaning "earthy smell". The first drops of rain on parched earth can give you a high. Which is how the- mitti ki sondhi sondhi khushboo- came to be used for the typical smell of the earth at the time of first rains of monsoon.

      • answered by shantanush on 10/19/2012
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