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      • In response to: "What do you do on the side?" Aside from the entree of life; I enjoy volunteering my time; for a side dish, I pass out smiles and let people know this world is not all full of crazies.
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    • Way back when I tripped as a lil kid...:P
      • my earliest memory is probably when I was in pre-school. I remember when my 'teacher' used to braid my hair; I remember when I used to draw and finger pain. And I cerntainly remember when i used to play in the sand box and the when I tripped and hit my forehead against the edge of the sandbox. OUCH! I did get stitches and I have the scar to remind me. :D
        I was 3yo. Good times. lol

      • answered by sousou617 on 01/10/2013
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    • Don't be so irascible
      • I think my worst quality is easily becoming irritated by other peoples stupidity. The actions without thinking, the judgement without reflecting their own, and simply absent-minded. I wish to correct or at least point out, but then I also don't like to embarras or humiliate anyone; I guess that's because I know the feeling, even when it's undeserved.
        I'm not sure if this is bad, but I sometimes feel it hurts a person. I empathize more for people, but when it comes down to this issue, I'm irritated. lol.
        I think I am a patient person, but holding back and biting my tongue is always hard. I think it shows more in my facial or body expressions.
        So this new year will be a new challenge for me to be more tolerant.

      • answered by sousou617 on 01/04/2013
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    • The Most Important Thing I Learned This Year
      • What I've learned in the 24 hours of 2012!

        The year has just begun, but I think I can already share the most important thing I've learned. Sure, this may sound said too soon, but I know the perception of my life has dearly changed in less than 24 hours, January 1, 2012.
        You would think that going out to party on New Years Eve is already asking for trouble. What about the people with no designated drivers? Being out on one of the craziest times, is all a big risk for the safety of your life. I have read and heard many stories the day after New Years day. Given, this is my favorite time of the year, because I reflect on what has been and what should be. I always try to make a new memory, so that I remember how I started off until it leads me toward the end.
        This NYE, I spent a few hours downtown and had reached my home around 9:30pm. My roommate/best friend and her two children where home, so I thought where else but to spend NYE with my family away from family?
        Midnight came, we had our cup of tea and started a movie. We eventually spoke of our past year and she decided her resolution become a minimum and, at most, general. She shared "Reflect, refocus, and re-shift." I concurred.
        Waking up on a New Years morning was a good feeling. I woke up and I decided that I will refocus, and I will see my day beautiful and happy. So I spent the day out and the weather was beautiful!
        Evening came and I figured the first day of the year is about to retire, why don't I end it with a great dinner! We were was going to cook, but my friend's son mention how he wanted sushi. We all love sushi, so sushi it was!! We ordered and they actually were open for delivery!
        Ahh, what a filling and delicious dinner! Ok, now let's relax with tea and a movie! Since my roommate has not seen "School of Rock", that was the movie of the night. What more could we ask for but being comfortable, warm, and 'safe' in our living room?
        I'd have to say we met the of end of the movie half way before we suddenly heard what seemed to be an explosion in the other corner of our living room! You can imagine two women so scared, we naturally hit the floor, and crawled out. Seconds later, her son and his friend come out of his room and was asking what that loud noise was? We turned the light off and just sat on the floor until we got ourselves together. We called the police explaining what we heard, but we did not know what it was; thus, them only driving around the home. After seeing the police, which wasn't long after, we turned the light back on due to the odd smell of gun powder. A familiar smell from back in childhood days, as I could remember. So, we did our own inspection and I knew I saw some thing different; I notice there, on the couch, an obvious hole point blank in the mid section, but where the head of a person would be sitting. Just the sight of that hole frightened us more and made me sick to my stomach. That is when we had to immediately call the police.
        Looking at the time when we first heard the explosion, we were still in the first day of the New Year; only shy by one half an hour into the next day!
        With this all happening so fast, we eventually put it into order. What has shaken me most of all is the fact that I was literally sitting right in the direction of the bullet. I had now remembered the swift breeze I felt after the loud vibration. I've shot guns, but never been shot at; those are two totally different feelings and noises.
        I went to my room feeling numb with uncontrollable shaking. I wanted all this to be a nightmare; I wanted wake up and tell myself, "I'm ok, it was only a bad dream".
        After minutes later, I got up to make sure my roommate was ok, but once I saw her we hugged and bawled, knowing the reality and extent of harm to one's life this bullet would have done. I could feel our heart pounding, she kept mentioning her thankfulness toward her kids safety. I agreed, but I had to mention my thankfulness to ours. At this point, I knew that an angel was watching over me-us; that this was the protection of God. My life was spared only by the grace of God. I have gone through so much in life, recently losing my brother(among other loved ones), being diagnosed with a cancer, and now being inches, if not centimeters, away from a deadly bullet. If for one minute you put yourself in my shoe, then can you understand why I agree with my roommate, to "reflect, refocus, and re-shift". This is what I've learned in the first 24 hours of 2012.
        I know now that life is certainly precious and short. I'd like to say tell all your loved ones how much you care, but it's all cliche; then again, it's true. I wander, if the bullet had penetrated, then what would one say I have lived for? This New Year is another opportunity to make the difference I've always wanted.

      • answered by sousou617 on 01/03/2012
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    • What I'll Remember Most About 2011
      • 2011, The Roller Coaster of a life time!

        There is so much that has gone on this year, good and bad, but you always remember the most what has hit you personally.
        Yes, the revolution of Egypt has impacted my life as it has many others. Today the problem is on going and the year is up, we all await nervously what will become of Misr Om el Donya.
        My brother is struggling in Egypt while he should be satisfied the end of the day with saving the lives he saves. That is a feeling I can't imagine, nor do I want to think of. I know he doesn't share with me a lot because I will do all in my power to fix it.
        On one high point, my best friend got engaged this year and he is more happy than I've seen him in the past 3 years. Sure, he's sad about what is going on in Egypt, but he has faith and optimism about his future. isA.
        I also got to see Egypt, post revolution, this year and ate up all the food I was around. That was divine! I got the chance to dance with the brides at two weddings, to share their new start in life!
        What's impacted me the most was receiving the phone call while I was having tea one afternoon with mom. Knowing it's been years since I've last sat down with her, it was a priceless moment. I can actually say that I am thankful at that time I had bad reception, otherwise I would've fallen off my chair. Mind you, I had surgery the week prior; so Dr M called and states 'we need to talk'. Imagine the thoughts? So, another call an hour late and he tells me my pathology report notes that I have a malignant tumor on my thyroid. Me? Thyroid cancer?
        So I heard the message, but I sat with mom, smiled, and continued our conversation. Life is going on, and I am optimistic and proactive with my health to this point.

        This year was surely a roller coaster, but I've to leave it on a positive note. Just as I would leave off a roller coaster, which I love, is feel dizzy, but smile with a mental thought of 'I conquered without vomiting!' Weeeeee! Come on 2012!

      • answered by sousou617 on 12/29/2011
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