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    • swirlingmess
      • hello SwirlingMess
      • Username: swirlingmess
      • In response to: "Who are you?" I'm made of love, laughter, music and piles of books.
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    • Your favorite smell
      • Books. The smell of a book, even the musty ones, brings on an intoxicating feeling. It makes me smile. It makes me feel safe. It reminds me of home. The smell of a book is the beginning of a new adventure. It's the first sense experienced when picking up a book to read. You open the book and flip through the pages breathing in the fumes that come rolling off the paper of the tale. Getting an idea of whats to come before you even start the first word. Forget all those perfumes, body sprays, and cologne. This is the only smell I need.

      • answered by swirlingmess on 12/21/2012
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    • Defining Love
      • True love belongs to fairy tales and should stay nestled between the pages of books. In reality love is all about finding a person that can deal with your bullshit and vice versa. Anyone can fall in love but the key element for a lasting relationship is the ability to embrace another faults and have things in common.

      • answered by swirlingmess on 06/04/2012
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    • Pricey Purchase
      • Buttons

        I've got nothing besides the usual TV, gaming consoles, and computer purchases. I can list the expensive items that I want to buy but at the moment have no funds for:

        scroll saw
        Button machine
        sewing machine
        ...just to name a few...

      • answered by swirlingmess on 06/03/2012
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