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      • In response to: "What do you do on the side?" I sleep on the side.
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    • Change the World
      • True health care reform in the USA, where prices are regulated (reduced by up to 90% in some cases), no health insurance companies exist, and all health/dental/vision/disposition of remains according to individual choice - cradle to grave health care - supported by the taxes we already pay. Since the health care system is the biggest scam perpetrated upon the American people, this reform would benefit individuals and businesses. No business should or would provide health care plans, and unions would not be bullying businesses to the point of dissolution. There is much more to this needed reform, but this is a brief summary.

      • answered by syllana on 11/16/2012
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    • "I approve this message."
      • Advertising, marketing, evangelism and the like do not affect me as intended by those targeting me. I get irritated, and if anything, tend to rebel by going in the opposite direction. This causes a problem when both candidates call my phone number - because then I don't want to vote for either one. I don't want calls, because they invade my privacy and freedom.

      • answered by syllana on 10/05/2012
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    • Describe how you'd spend $1,000
      • Why would I spend it? When I was a kid and someone like my aunt gave me $20 on an occasion, she's ask, "What are you going to do with the money?". I was confused by the question, even then. What "do"? I'd likely put the money in the bank to keep/have or use as needed for living. When financial security is a goal, that goal means having money. To me, it seems that some people are allergic to money and think money is to spend ASAP. My goal is to use/spend 50% or less of what comes in.

        $1,000 is not a lot of money. It's less than purchasing health insurance for this household for one month, which we don't do and would be crazy to do. It is about the cost of rent, utilities, internet, cable and phones for a month.

        If our needs were covered and we wanted some gadget, we'd consider about $300 of it spendable.

      • answered by syllana on 01/28/2009
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    • If I could tame a wild animal
      • I signed up at Plinky and have been using the prompts, though I am not necessarily very good at simply answering the question. I'm not going to pick a wild animal to keep as a pet today, but will make it a MaggieMae update. She has her wild moments, but at 13 years, she does show some signs of aging. She can't jump very high, needs help to get in the car, and apparently her bladder has become weaker. She was developing the bad habit of peeing on the carpet during the night, and I was about ready to buy dog diapers. I have a nice carpet cleaner, but got tired of using it 3 times a week, so I did some research and found dog diapers and medications. The diapers would be another expense, but I would do that if I really had to. The medications, I found, can be deadly. And my friend who belongs to dog-lover groups said that there are actually people who "put down" their dogs when this happens. Not something I could imagine doing. This dog is a family member, and like a child.

        I decided a couple of weeks ago to experiment with limiting her water intake, since she likes to drink it at night. At the same time, I wanted her to drink enough before the cut-off point, so I give her her FreshPet Select treat between 4:30 and 5:30 pm, which makes her thirsty. I pull the water at 6 pm. Last call for going outside is 10 pm. Then there was the problem that she was becoming accustomed to getting out of her bed in the bedroom at 2 am or so, going into the living room and peeing. I could hear her get out of bed, so I'd yell at her to get back into the bedroom lest she be put in the "den" - which is her airline carrier. She listened, obeyed and we've killed the habit. This combination has worked! Hooray! Sleeping in the den was an option as well, but I would rather not restrict her unnecessarily. So all's well once again, and if the carpet is wet it is because I just shampooed it.

      • answered by syllana on 01/25/2009
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