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      • hello tanveer rauf
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    • Untitled draft
      • wish the world becomes peaceful free of pollution of all kinds

      • answered by tanveer100 on 11/12/2012
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    • Blogging for Change
      • I would like people around the world to like and respect each other regardless of all differences. to make our planet peaceful and beautiful just as it was created for

      • answered by tanveer100 on 11/11/2012
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    • Untitled draft
      • Lets make our planet The EARTH as beautiful, peaceful and lively as God created for us

      • answered by tanveer100 on 11/09/2012
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    • On finishing books
      • no, i like to finish the book that attracts my attention more and is more exciting

      • answered by tanveer100 on 11/08/2012
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