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    • Letter to (Future) Me
      • Dear future me,
        Hi. I hope you're doing good 10 years from now. Or is it 20? 30? Well however far into the future I am, I hope you got everything you wanted out of life. Laughed tons and loved much more. What i hope for most is that you never lost sight of who you are. I mean, of course no one can truly find the real them, we are constantly changing, drifting day by day but i hope you changed everyday into someone that was given life for a beautiful purpose. Valued it. Embraced it. Honored it because life is something given to us that we take for granted. You never think anything too bad can happen to you. Always think that you're one of the lucky people who just make it. We forget that its a gift. A one time gift, the most precious gift at all. I hope you realize that. And you know what? Maybe you lost your way somewhere. Maybe there has been too many cracks on the road your on but always remember that there is always another road, another path. You choose your destination, you are in the driver's seat to your own happiness.

        Please know, that maybe life hasn't always been easy on you. But life sucks. Then it gets better, then it sucks again. Wherever you are, whoever you are now, you can either change it or stay as is and i deeply hope that the situation you're in, the person you are, is a beautiful one. Remember, we choose our own paths, our values and our actions, they define who we are.

        I hope you know all this and if you forgot, this is just a reminder.


        20 year old self me

      • answered by thecinemakid on 11/03/2012
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