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      • The muses have not visited me in the last few days. According to Greek Mythology, muses are goddesses who provides inspiration to mortals. The myth has it that if a mankind have been visited by his or her muses, he or she will be inspired and creativity would flourish from within.

        Dated September 5 of this year, I posted on my other blog, LADYBOY PROMPT about where and when my muses seem to be around me. They occur to me any where to any given moment and any given time except when I am at home. In the last few days, without any chances for outdoor activity, my muses have been very busy elsewhere and did not pay me any visits. That is my justification why I have not posted any entry as often as I did before. Please click this link if you want to visit the post I am talking about:

        They are the muses indeed and without them I do not have the motivation to post any. After all, blogging is a hobby and not a profession. It should stay fun and obligation takes the fun out if it. Yet, they might be the source of magic that makes me able to produce a magnificent creation, but we should not forget the fact that I am their boss. If they do not come and visit me, I conjure them and I do so by referring to www for a blogging idea and topic suggestions. And viola: Today's PLINKY prompt seems to be suitable for the topic of my blog. The proposition is:

        "How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself."

        In my case where there is a huge disparity between my gender (on both psychological and emotional aspect) on one side vis-a-vis my biologically assigned sexual identity, the role of clothing in achieving my self-fulfillment should not be undermined. Presenting myself on the feminine gender role through clothing and cosmetics is my undertaking to achieve and fulfill the gender role I want to portray in our society. Even though that my mental, emotional and spiritual well being do not concord with my biologically assigned sexual identity, at least I could present what lie underneath my flesh through my choice of clothing.

        It is indeed a huge challenge if one person do not feel at home in a body assigned to him or to her by Mother Nature. It is a very difficult situation that most people of my kind take measures so intrusive other that female clothing and cosmetics. Many of us go as far as undertaking a female hormone medication, breast implants, and even Sex Re-assignment Surgery. Unfortunately, some of us who have undertaken such clinical step did so not because it is the desire of their heart, but because of the pressure of the society bestow upon us. I do believe that every human being has the entire disposition over his or her body and should be able to make or not make any radical changes deemed necessary. However, our over indulgence (sometimes obsession) divert us from who we really are. We try our best to be a woman, while we are not a woman and I do not believe that we have the power to change that. Unfortunately.

        However, we have the ability and we are gifted with creativity to present ourselves on how we want people to identify us. We can achieve that state through the help of clothing and cosmetics.

        People who do not have the dilemma of conforming to the rules of the society and being unable to express their true selves one one hand or following their hearts on the other while being outcastes of our modern society might not be able to understand the great challenge people if my kind have to endure everyday. There is this immense feeling of being incomplete, a missing piece of the puzzle, a huge deep hole in your life that no matter how you do your best to fill it would just end up in despair.

        I could still remember the time where I just moved in Amsterdam where I have spent the formative years of my transgender metamorphosis where I took the first step of embracing who really I am and face with courage, perseverance and tranquility all to possible repercussions of being sexually different in a society that is not yet ready to be confronted of this sexual phenomenon.

        Challenges, persecution, judgement, discrimination and isolation are immense, yet there is nothing more fulfilling I have encountered in my life other than having the courage of being yourself despite the fact that it will make me alienated with the rest of the society that adheres to conformity. The memory together with all those wonderful emotions that that memory brought along wit it is still fresh in my mind and heart. Never in my life I felt so happy, satisfied, and complete when I went out with my other ladyboy party friends with make up on my face, wig on my head (of course my hair was still short on my coming out), pretty sexy dress, high heels shoes in my feet and a hand bag to match the dress and shoes. I felt very comfortable. For the first time I have been able to taste the glory of self confidence as I have found my true self. I did not even learn how to walk on high heels. As if walking on high heels have been my natural instinct. I just knew how to do everything as I was ripe to be myself. And yes I could even still remember the pain I have felt when I have to take off that wig, dress and shoes as if I did not want to say goodbye to that lovely girl I was looking at the mirror. Gladly, I do not need to say good bye to myself anymore.

        The original title for this PLINKY prompt was: The clothes (may) make the (wo)man. Let me rephrase it. THE CLOTHES MAKES A MAN A WOMAN!


      • answered by theladyboymirror on 10/21/2013
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    • Self Proclaimed Ms. Ladyboy Mirror 2013
      • Creating and sponsoring an award for yourself is if course ridiculous. We cannot recognize ourselves. The essence if recognition is when it is performed by other people and that this recognition will be awarded to you for your contribution in the society. Awarding yourself is more like stealing with consent and permission.

        For the sake of today's pinky prompts, I will answer the question. If there us something in my life today that I have devoted my free time and my heart is on my blog: Therefore, I m creating an award for myself. I am the self-proclaimed Ms. Ladyboy Mirror 2013.

        Here is my speech:

        Dearly beloved,

        I am so surprised by this nomination and award for this year Ms. Ladyboy Mirror. To tell you honestly, I am not expecting to receive this award even I have invented it myself. I thank myself so much for creating this award and for giving it to myself. Really, I am so overwhelmed. I am not really expecting this. What a lovely surprise.

        To all of you who have always showed your interest and support to my endeavor simply by regularly visiting my blog and sharing it to your friends, all of you, have been my inspiration to continue blogging at

        I wish that this blog site will be able to reach a lot readers and followers from today and on forward.

        Again, thank you all.

      • answered by theladyboymirror on 09/12/2013
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    • Writing room A Present From A Sexy Genie
      • Given this wonderful and magical opportunity that a sexy, muscled and horny genie appeared right in front of my while I am taking a shower and would grant my wish to build my perfect space for reading and writing it would be a portable tent where I can fold and put in my purse.

        Yes, a portable tent that I can fold and keep in my bag so I can always bring it with me wherever I go. However, this tent is no ordinary tent but a unique tent full of magic. Once I have unfold te tent to a desirable location and utter the password: DARNA! The "tent door" wilkl unzip on its own and once you entered, you will not see a tent, but you will see a huge library similar to an old museum. The ceiling is high, white pillars, an art on the ceiling similar (but not exactly) to that what they have in the Sistine Chapel, and all the books has been published around the world can be found in the collection my this magical library specially made for me.

        At the middle of those huge building, you will find a long table - similar to huge dining table. That will be my desk. At the middle of it is a 24" or bigger computer with a connection that would supas the speed of the fastest internet connection around the world.

        If a person comes in uninvited, he will not see a library, but just a sall tent suitable for two persons. Of course, the sexy naked gigolo look a like genie would always be there to always keep my company (specially when I am sad and horny!)


      • answered by theladyboymirror on 02/23/2013
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      • My desire for writing and having active audience of what I write have been already a genuine desire of my heart since the moment I cannot even remember anymore. It was a dream of mine to be a journalist and to be able to publish a book that would contribute to my transgender Imagined Community. There are times that I am so inspired that I am sometimes so sure that it will happen. Though of course, moments like that are actually based on feelings and not on knowing. It varies from one time to another. Sometimes I am so inspired and I feel there is nothing in the world that I want that I will not be able to realise. But somehow, sometimes, I have moments where I feel weak and discouraged that I might be able to achieve anything at all.

        My regret in life is that I did not follow my intuition that I might be a natural born writer. If I only followed the path that my intuition leads me, I would have been able to invest in cultivating talents and skills that I do not know I might have. I was young, I did not choose for myself. I thought my choices are realization of what I truely want, but they were just achieving what I thought I want based on the available information and resources in my surroundings. In a way, most of my decisions in the past were products of societies dictation and expectation.

        I have even tried to write diaries with pen and paper. It was 2002 the last diary I kept and I do still have them now. The desire for writing has been always present in my life, but there is a major change in my life that had actually made me convert the plan in to action.

        The difficulties of being different (here I am again with my different bla bla bla) and the challenges I face everyday for the fact that my sexual orientation and gender do not concord with my biological sex not to mention that I am actually not so discreet about that face. Believe me when I say the challenge is huge, because it is really huge that sometimes I am losing my sanity. My blog had helped me survived all the challenges through the process of reflection and then documentation that I am rewarded by knowledge and better understanding with the situation as a whole.

        Are you curious about the first writing product?? It was dramatic.. I WAS SUCH A DRAMA QUEEN..

      • answered by theladyboymirror on 02/15/2013
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      • Have you noticed that the more we come to know the other the more we hate them? The more our society becomes multicultural and technicolor the more we adhere to our root identities? The more changes we see in our environment the more we seek for common patterns?

        A prominent media personality has once wrote: "Narcism of Minor Difference" (Michael Igniateff). Here he contests that the more similarities we got the more we identify ourselves into our sub-culture groups. We come to hate our neighbours as we realize that we have only minor difference with them. We tend to exaggeratedly define our identities and difference from them.

      • answered by theladyboymirror on 02/13/2013
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