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      • Not everyone is going to like you and that's perfectly ok.

      • answered by theultimatebetty on 11/11/2012
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      • Cartoon: Automating social media

        Absolutely not. In no way has a social media company helped any romantic relationship in our eyes. Yes, we agree the internet, social media sites and your personal touch all help when it comes to spreading the word and building new relationships. However, when it comes to a romantic relationship we have seen all kinds of situations.

        Here are The Ultimate Betties rules about social media sites:

        Rule # 1: we cannot stress this enough, DO NOT change your relationship status every time you and your man have a fight and momentarily decide that a break-up is the best thing to do. It is so annoying and immature. "Hmm, maybe if I put I'm single it will bother him and he will want to get back with me?" or whatever that little hamster wheel in your head is thinking.

        Rule # 2: Let's be real, we all have or do "creep" at any give time. Seriously, don't lie to yourself. you do. It's OK and normal in this day and age, but don't let them know you're doing it all the time. That's just creep.

        Rule # 3: Don't believe everything you read on social media sites, or the internet in general. "Educated people question, uneducated people believe."

        Rule # 4: Try not to show your jealousy. This is what ruins relationships. We understand that when Jenny wrote on Billy's wall (your boyfriend of a couple months) don't go confronting Billy. Here's why, you look crazy. Get off Facebook or Twitter and talk to your friends about it. It probably is nothing, but asking him is not a good look. Unless you know something we don't, then judge it yourself.

        It honestly may be your best bet to not have a Facebook relationship or a Facebook in general if you can't handle what you see and be in a relationship at the same time.

      • answered by theultimatebetty on 11/04/2012
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