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      • hello terry shepherd
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      • In response to: "What's the one thing you're never gonna give up?" hope..........hope that my brother has peace with his illness. hope that i make it longer than he does in life, so that i can continue to care for him.
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    • Reflecting at the end of Life
      • Knowing the way my mind works, I think I would be thinking back to my kids and hoping that I had done a good job at raising them, and that they forgave me for my own errors, as I am not a perfect woman, mother, nor wife.
        I would be fearful of leaving everyone behind, but yet excited about seeing Jesus, and finally able to sit by him.
        I always have said I will die from smoking or my diabetes, so I will probably be cursing myself, for not giving up the smokes, or for eating too many sweets.
        I will be talking to my mom and dad, and letting them know how anxious I am to see them again. My grandma and grandpa will be there waiting for me too!
        Even though, I can do nothing about it at this point, I will be going over in my mind any debts I have left behind. Hoping I have everything covered, so that my kids will not be left with my burdens.
        Finally, I hope and pray, that when you place me in that casket, that you do not place me on my back! You all know I get terrible headaches when I lay on my back. Put me on my side, you know I like to be different, and lastly, I pray that there are no roses at my funeral. Everyone knows that I am terribly allergic to roses, so if there are any there, I will know that I had not taken the time to make amendments with one of my enemies.
        Lord, I had a great life, and you provided me with many wonderful opportunities. I am sorry for the ones I let slip by and thankful for the ones I reached out and grabbed. Thank-you Lord for the many wonderful friends I have made through my blogging. It was because of your nudging me, that I even began to write. I am so thankful Lord, that you have loved me from day one, and that you have forgiven me for all of my sins. I am ready Lord, I have made my peace. I am coming now to see you Lord. Amen

      • answered by tjs195450 on 11/17/2012
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    • Untitled draft
      • 2012 flew by, barely do I remember exactly what happened individually, as each day became one week, than one month, all being involved in the care of my brother, as I watched his Parkinson's Disease progress each month.
        I can hardly believe that it is only two weeks until Thanksgiving, and yet my brain seems to be in slow motion, as I realize I have nothing planned yet for the holiday, and none of my Christmas shopping has been started, and in prior years, I have started Christmas shopping as early as August. I can think of decorating my home for the holidays, but the physical movement of shopping and them exercise of mentally thinking gifts, just isn't there yet. I will have to get on the ball though, because there are people depending on me.
        Where did the time go? Doctor appointments, worries, stress, cooking, scheduling, bills, cleaning, it all ticked by. Hopefully, next year will start off with a bang on New Year's Day, as I venture into another unknown territory of life. May God be with me to travel the unfamiliar road of life.

      • answered by tjs195450 on 11/09/2012
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    • Letter to (Future) Me
      • HI, I am Terry and I am writing a writing exercise for Plinky, The topic is, Write a letter to yourself in 20 years

        Elderly Couple - Vintage

        I am now 78 years old, and I am looking back at my life 20 years ago. What has changed? How have I been a benefit here on earth? What knowledge have I gained.
        What has changed is my body. The physical ability to move freely without pain, has changed. Arthritis has set into my knee joints and my hips. I can no longer do so many things that I used to do with no one's help, and am now forced to ask for help, which is humiliating to me. I can not see to drive well any longer, so I wait until someone has the time to run me to the grocery store. Everyone is so busy with their lives, they sometimes make me feel as if I am in the way. I will wait until my cupboards are almost empty, before I speak up, I guess I still have a lot of pride. I am considering selling my home, and moving into an assisted living area, but I was not able to save much money, with the times being so tough, so I may be forced to live with family members. I know they will welcome me, but I also know the burden it will cause on their private lives.
        What have I benefited through these past 20 years? I have still held on to my compassionate heart, and I hope God sees that I am still carrying passion in a world that is turned up side down. I have benefited others in my life, by being there when they needed help. I have given of myself, in a much smaller way than Jesus did, but I tried.
        I have gained knowledge, but maybe not the kind I would have liked to gain. I have discovered that the world is losing God, which is sad. I have learned that life throws curves and the only way to go through each day is through prayer and patience. Life is not what you expect it to be, there can be big bumps in the sides of the road, and you can fall to the side, if you do not have someone or something to believe in. Life is about love, compassion, and being generous with your time.
        My time is coming to an end sooner than later, and I am so thankful for the way I have lived and for all that I have learned. Thank-you Lord for walking with me and giving me a purpose in life.

      • answered by tjs195450 on 11/02/2012
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    • Sniff, Sniff
      • Hi, I am Terry, and I am writing a short article for Plinky. A fun way to stretch the memories of my mind!!!


        My two favorite scents are lilacs and firewood.
        Lilacs remind me of my wonderful grandma who had many bushes and in the spring she would ask me to go out and help her cut bouquets and bring them in the house. With the windows open and the gentle breezes flowing through out the house, the house smelled so nice. A small sharing with only grandma and me.
        The smell of firewood brings no memories of the past really, but I do love the sense of being with friends and family while sitting around the campfires, worrying about nothing, and looking up at the bright stars, hearing the noises of the night creatures. I can sit out by a campfire all evening long. I have searched for a long time for incense or candles that actually smell like firewood.

      • answered by tjs195450 on 10/23/2012
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    • Me + 10...
      • Hi,
        I am Terry, and I am responding to a question for the week, asking how my life has changed in the past ten years

        Press advert for Parkinson's Disease Society

        I am hoping ten years from today, I am still living, and taking care of patients who need to know that someone cares, as this is what I have been doing for a long time.
        Five years ago I was a very happy lady, as I was finally divorced. I know this sounds bad, but that marriage was not good at all. In between those years, I was a caregiver. Then my father came down with a bone cancer, and I took care of him for his one year of battling and then we both lost the war. Immediately, following my mentally challenged brother suffered a heart attack, and although he tried his hardest, he was never able to return to work, so for five years now, I have been caring for him, and we are living through changes that are devastating to him and me, as his sister and caregiver. He now is a heart patient, is still mildly mentally challenged, and is in his fifth stage of Parkinson's Disease. This is the worst illness I have ever attacked, in my 22 years of being a professional caregiver. PD takes over the body, mind and soul. It causes a terribly high amount of pain each and every minute of the day. It slows the walking down to one day he will not be able to walk. He gets very confused as the disease attacks more and more cells and kills them. At this point in our lives, he is desperately wanting to die. All types of medications have been tried, but only bring temporary relief. In November he visits a pain clinic for the first time.
        I have worked hard to get smiles from him as he sees himself dissolving from life, and therefore, I have come up with hopefully a wonderful idea.
        Cards! Happy cards! Get well cards! I have had big responses to this, and so I am letting you in on the project also. If you would care to send him a card that he can touch and hold and look at whenever he feels, please email me at
        I will then email you our address.
        Please place card in the subject matter so I do not consider it spam!
        Have a nice day!!

      • answered by tjs195450 on 10/12/2012
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