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    • udoji75
      • hello Patrick Onyenania
      • Username: udoji75
      • In response to: "Who are you?" I am a computer trainer. Love music, sports, fashion and travelling.
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    • Untitled draft
      • I often do have real, deep,crying-from-laughing belly laugh.But the most recent one was just yesterday.At the moment,I take french courses and so I was given an assignment by my french teacher.So one of the question was talking about a "wall",and the translation in french is "mur d'enceinte",and translating that directly as an english speaker is "pregnant wall".I was confused and begin to wonder how can a wall be pregnant and so I left that question unanswered.The next day was submission and my french teacher then asked me why didnt I answer the question and I told her why.She told me the meaning and that sounds very funny to me.
        What I learned in that is that, sometimes you do not need to use your first language to translate a learning one even though when it is not evitable. Anyway it is a learning process!!

      • answered by udoji75 on 07/11/2013
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    • Helping hand from a good Samaritan
      • As a traveller when I had no where to stay for the night.I met a nice man who does not know me from Adams.He accomodated me and provided everything for me without complaining throughout my trip.This is the most surprising helping hand I had ever received.

      • answered by udoji75 on 06/06/2013
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    • On Repeat
      • The song I can listen to over and over again is "Amazing grace" because it is so inspirational.

      • answered by udoji75 on 09/21/2012
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