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    • Tales of a Customer
      • My most dreadful experience was recently with my student loan company. I called regarding recent payments I had made that were withdrawn from my bank account, yet did not posted on my student account. The rep not only had a condescending tone, however, had the audacity to ask me why didn't I just make another payment, what was I doing with my money, I kid you not those were his exact words, and it took everything in me not to cuss him out. This experience could have been better by this customer service rep should have been more professional, and sensitive towards a client who is trying to explain their situation and get the assistance/help they seek. Some people are way too rude and condescending these days, they tend to dismiss others way too harshly. Whatever happened to being cordial/professional?

      • answered by vidablogg on 11/27/2012
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    • The Time Capsule
      • The one who always had hope, faith, persevered, overcome, and never gave up despite all of the curve ball life threw...the one who rebirth like the phoenix, and remaining untouched by the dirt like a lotus flower.

      • answered by vidablogg on 11/10/2012
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