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    • xenophobia22
      • hello LeeLee Zand
      • Username: xenophobia22
      • In response to: "Who are you?" I am an artist, wood carver, psychic, &seer.
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    • Cheering up your friend...
      • Let's face it Jane, life can really bring you down. It's full of rejection, heart-ache, and physical as well as emotional pain. Here's what you do to feel better:

        1. If someone is overly critical or annoying, distance yourself from them. Tell them politely, it's time "To move on", and go. (If you have to change your cell number, so be it.

        2.If you find your life is sooooo boring, you are ready to scream, change things. Try a new hobby, find new friends, or get a better job.

        3. If things are really rough, try humor. Learn to laugh at the world, and enjoy smiling and laughing. Don't forget, use that mouth for something other than EATING!!

        4. If people are physically agressive with you try martial arts. You will learn how to get back your power, when someone pushes or hits you. You don't have to hurt them back, Martial Arts teaches you DEFENSE first, to protect yourself.

        5. If you just can't handle the stress talk to someone. If you can't afford therapy, get help from a friend who knows how to listen. Everyone needs a sounding- board now and then.

        6. If you are not appreciated by those around you, try to do something positive for others. Volunteers are usually LOVED & APPRECIATED!

        7. Find joy in the little things in Life. (A baby's smile, a sunset, a walk on the beach, or even a brisk jog at sunrise...)

        8. Treat yourself with respect. Eat the forbidden dessert. Forget calories for one day.... Give yourself a break.

        9. Learn to walk away from anger. If anger darkens your door. Go some place quiet, by yourself and chill....

        10. Learn to forgive. Hanging on to negativity is a killer. If you forgive the enemy, then you are free to live a happier, healthier life.

      • answered by xenophobia22 on 02/11/2014
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    • Googling for Inspiration
      • I instantly thought of IRISH WOLF HOUNDS. I grabbed this photo from the net, and thought it would be PERFECT. As you can see they are too big for a chair. I LOVE these creatures because they are the "gentle giants" of the animal kingdom...

      • answered by xenophobia22 on 02/04/2014
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    • Ooo, NOT FOR ME !!
      • I DO NOT want to go sky-diving & I will tell you why. A long time ago, I was dating this guy who went sky diving with a girlfriend BEFORE he met me. On her way down, her parachute MALFUNCTIONED. (A technical term for NOT able to open it, or the reserve chute.) She actually died from multiple traumatic injuries... I think we are given many chances in life to live, and to serve others. Going out that way is just too sad.

      • answered by xenophobia22 on 02/04/2014
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    • Messages from beyond the veil
      • For the past week or so, I have heard someone calling my name to wake up. They sound just like my husband, and call me by my nicknames.. I wake up, open the bedroom door & there is NOBODY there!! I have the ability of clairaudience. (Hearing) spirits speak is nothing new. However, when they mimic voices of people I know, IT IS FREAKY. A very active spirit is trying to get a message through to me. I'm going through a massive change in my life, and perhaps they are aware of my distress.
        I have a message for them: "PLEASE LET ME SLEEP"...

      • answered by xenophobia22 on 02/04/2014
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    • Garage sale find worth thousands!
      • It was a while ago. I had money that day, and it was burning a hole in my pocket. I saw a garage sale sign, in a rather rough neighborhood, but sometimes they CAN be interesting so I slowed to a stop.
        I got out of my car, and greeted the homeowners with a smile and a hello. They seemed happy to see me. I started picking through bins, that were loaded with household items. At the bottom of one bin was a shiny object. When it comes to shiny, I'm like a deer caught in the beam of car head lights. I stopped and looked at the object. It was a ring. I was positive it was costume jewelry, since it looked like it had been treated roughly.
        I purchased the ring for one dollar, and thanked them. I got in my car and headed home. Two weeks later, I took a good look at the ring. It was
        14 carat gold, so I took it to a antique dealer to get it appraised. They told me the center stone was a diamond, 4 full carats, and the surrounding stones, a half carat each. The dealer valued the ring at between 15 and 17 thousand dollars!
        I was in shock. I drove back to the house, to return the ring. When I got to the home, it was deserted, and looked empty. I knocked on the door, and no one seemed to be there. A neighbor saw me and told me the house had been vacant for weeks. When I asked her if she knew anything about a garage sale 2 weeks before she told me, "Oh there was a couple who rented the garage for storage, but they packed up soon afterward and left town."
        So I was left with an heirloom worth a fortune, and stunned that fate had awarded me with such a precious gift. You just never know do you?

      • answered by xenophobia22 on 05/25/2013
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