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      • hello Monica
      • Username: yellow
      • In response to: "If you were in a movie right now, what music would be playing?" Love, Reign O'er Me (The Who)
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    • Your week in a playlist
      • 1) Castle of glass, by Linkin Park
        2) Breathe, Pearl Jam
        3) Gimme Shelter, Rolling Stones
        4) When the rain comes down, Andy Taylor
        5) Who wants to live forever, Queen

        There isn't a correct order. My mood keeps swinging, back and forth.

      • answered by yellow on 03/15/2013
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    • Of nights and skies and stars,
      • Night, definetly. I find it hard to go to sleep (doesn't mind if I'm tired or not), and would never get up in the morning, even if I just slept for ten hours.
        And I really feel more productive during late afternoon and evening, both in writing and studying. If I could, I'd just skip bedtime...well, at least I'd postpone it.
        Even before I started having troubles sleeping, I always enjoyed the quiet of night. I remember long summer nights spent sitting on my balcony, quietly listening to music and watching the starry sky. There's something amazing, magnificent, in all those little, bright spots adorning the dark blue depts of the night.
        It makes me feel small, my troubles so unimportant, irrelevant.
        Really makes me wonder.

        Night is the best time to think.

      • answered by yellow on 02/25/2013
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    • A Life Lesson I Wish I Had Learned Earlier
      • Tell the people you love that you love'em. Don't be afraid, or ashamed.
        Hug them while you can. Think twice and count to ten before you lose your patience with them. Praise them when they do something good, don't wait. Don't say "I'll tell him tomorrow".
        Enjoy every happy moment you share with them. Look them, observe their faces, the way they move, and memorize those facts.
        Caress their fingers, tickle'em, touch their hair, tell'em your secrets.
        Laugh with them, cry with them, watch a movie with them.

        Because, when they're gone, well, it's forever.

      • answered by yellow on 02/21/2013
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    • I act my age. Well, if I were ten years younger I would be doing.
      • Sometimes.
        But more often I behave like I was much younger. Ok, it's probably called childish behaviour, but...who cares?
        Wise people act their age, or older.
        But I'm definetely not wise. If I were, I wouldn't make all the mistakes I do, would I?
        Ok it probably depends on the people I'm with. I mean, if I don't know'em very well, or I know I have to seem a serious person, I fake a seriousness and a wisdom I don't really have. But when I'm with friends, family, or anybody else that puts me at ease...
        About the "how" part (ok, it wasn't in the prompt but I guess I must explain how I do behave, when I don't act my age). I listen to music and pretend to be the lead singer/guitarist/drummer, actually keeping the rhytm with whatever comes near my hands, I speak with animals and objects, pretending they are alive and can interact with me. I even make up their answers. I love making silly jokes and tricks (you know, hiding your friend's glass when he isn't watching, than playing dumb, that kind of stuff xD).
        Life is more amusing this way, so...why not?

        By the way, I' 23.

      • answered by yellow on 02/21/2013
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    • First will...go to the bottom of the queue.
      • Ok, you got me hooked on this one!, I'll try with one vowel. Guess which one I chose? Let's see...did I use "U"? I did. "O"? Yep. "I"? Of course! "E"? Used it, too! Yes, I left out the first vowel. It's kind of difficult, believe me. "Why did you choose it, then?", you might inquire. 'Cuz it's the first one. Remember the notorious sentence? "First will be l..." Heck!, I stopped just in time...

      • answered by yellow on 02/20/2013
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