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  • Think of something that truly repulses you. Hold that thought until your skin squirms. Now, write a glowing puff piece about its glorious merits.
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    • From Repulsive to Glorious
      • Dirty bathrooms. Oh how dirty bathrooms are Yes. I just adore people who can't pick up after themselves.

      • jamesolmos
        jamesolmos answered on 07/22/2013
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    • Love is a FOUR letter word
      • I once met this guy. He told me he loved me. He LIED ! He went to parties in Hollywood and did not invite me. He gave me flowers on Valentine&#…

      • xenophobia22
        xenophobia22 answered on 03/13/2013
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    • From Repulsive to Glorious
      • FEET! I just hate feet! I know that everybody has feet and all, but they just repulses me. Feet are smelly,crusty, dirty and need to be taken c…

      • CheekyPriss
        CheekyPriss answered on 12/21/2012
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    • From Repulsive to Glorious
      • My dearest first drink of the weekend, How great you are! I cannot wait for to see you up and around. It is the thing that keeps the world goi…

      • snerfu
        snerfu answered on 12/15/2012
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    • Repulsive
      • When punk teenagers make fun of the elderly. Im a teenager, and I know that's wrong. they're just looking to get their ass kicked.

      • mikk524
        mikk524 answered on 12/08/2012
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    • Pisses me off.
      • Yenno what really pisses me off. When two people are in a very happy relationship , and Some STUPID girl , has to walk in . Sorry Or Boy. &…

      • 23862
        23862 answered on 12/07/2012
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    • The art of spitting.
      • Spitting is an art form. People who spit in the street are expressing themselves in the most sophisticated manner. I love to witness such decad…

      • laurajones
        laurajones answered on 12/01/2012
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    • From Repulsive to Glorious
      • repetition is what kills. If people simply would stop repeating own errors... All learning is based in seeking the new, simple, restoration.…

      • agente
        agente answered on 12/01/2012
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